Automotive Damping Systems

Calnaz is the sole distributor of BASF's automotive damping systems for the Malaysian automotive industry.

Cellasto® is BASF's brand name for the damping system made in microcellular Polyurethane-Elastomer. BASF's full range of technologies makes a substantial contribution to improving chassis technology and driving comfort, which can be improved without any reduction in dynamic driving.

Cellasto®, which consists of microcellular polyurethane elastomers, provides an ideal material that is superbly suited for use in automotive components subject to high dynamic stress. The car manufacturers already use Cellasto® components in their vibration damping systems, as jounce bumpers in the suspension, as top mounts, as coil spring isolators, as bushings, and as other chassis parts. Ready-made parts made of Cellasto® have special qualities. They are volume-compressible and display only slight transverse elongation when compressed, in contrast to rubber, for example, which extends when under pressure. Cellasto® modules can fulfill their functions excellently even in small spaces. Polyurethane components dampen vibrations and noises in automobiles. They minimize unpleasant vibrations and background noises in the car while reducing and damping the effects arising from the engine, chassis, and car body known in the automotive sector as NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness).

Due to its superior product quality and service, BASF currently enjoy about 60 % of the global market share in this range of products.